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Classic Afterlife War Story Resonates Now More than Ever

by Jason Wilkins

In some ways, I guess I’ve been waiting to review this otherworldly war saga by Tom Veitch (Star Wars: Dark Empire, Animal Man) and Cam Kennedy (2000 AD, Star Wars: Dark Empire) ever since it first came out under the aegis of Marvel’s critically acclaimed Epic Comics imprint in 1988.

This is a work that’s stayed with me for over two decades. The list of books that have managed to have that kind of lasting impact on me is dreadfully short. At the time, there wasn’t really anything else like The Light and Darkness War on the shelves (in North America, at least), and I was immediately entranced by its lurid depiction of a brutal never-ending conflict at the edge of forever….

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Six Reviews…

Reviews of THE LIGHT AND DARKNESS WAR are popping up on the internet. I truly appreciate how some of them delve into the more esoteric side of the comics. Below is a list of links (with brief quotes) to the latest batch —


Project Fandom

“Another plus for me are the strong female characters we see throughout, each with their own motivations and characteristics.”


Geek Girl World

“It’s a classic that deserves respect and a place on every person’s bookshelf.”


Cyberspace Comics

“Cam Kennedy’s art breathes life into this strange world filled with the spirits of Earth warriors and Leonardo Da Vinci’s flying stone ships (as well as other interesting inventions). Incorporating legendary inventors like Da Vinci and Tesla was a neat idea (one that Hickman has recently used in his ongoing S.H.I.E.L.D. series), as was the travel between Earth and Abraxas. And, even though Laz’s eventual return to Earth was expected, it played out nicely. His despair over losing his friends again and returning to the life he had loathed so much was quite palpable. By the end of the series, he seems to have everything all figured out – and you just can’t help but feel happy for the guy.”



(same review:) IMBD.COM

Chock full of interesting concepts, I find the main theme of Vietnam the most interesting. For me, Tom Veitch wants to rehabilitate the reputation of Vietnam veterans, with Lazarus Jones a representation of the average vet. This war has no grey edges, it is a straightforward classic battle of good and evil, and the Vietnam vets are firmly on the side of good. We don’t feel guilty about cheering them on in this war. The use as well of Tesla and Da Vinci was a clever device, one copied many times since the original publication, but fresh at the time.

Cam Kennedy’s art is excellent throughout, capturing perfectly the fantastical world we are viewing, breathing life into every weapon, every vehicle, every character. There are some very nice full page splashes and double page spreads, all slightly reminiscent of Walt Simonson at his epic best.


a great one, with extensive synopsis of the story:
Comics Review

“Fast paced, suspenseful, astonishingly imaginative and utterly beautiful to behold, the complex tale of Laz’s team and their struggle, how two generations of Tesla reshape a war that has been waged forever, and how in the end only love and devotion can battle overwhelming evil is a masterpiece of graphic endeavour and one no lover of fantasy fiction should miss.”


and here’s one that was just posted:
Broken Frontier

“Each issue of the series opens with an excerpt from the Mentep holy book, serving to frame the narrative and add yet another layer of depth to an already richly textured fictional world. It is this level of thought and detail that sets The Light and Darkness War apart from the books of the day and still pushes it head and shoulders above much of its competition today.”