Interview with artist Cam Kennedy

The following interview with Cam Kennedy ran in Speakeasy Magazine, back when The Light and Darkness War was first published. Enjoy!


CAM: Tom and I hit it off straight away and I told him I had this idea for a quite awhile about a time-warp story where modern military hard-ware winds up on an alternative time plane where the hardware hasn’t yet been developed. The intervention of this technology in this time plane throws the whole balance of power in a thousand year war out of synch, and would also allow me to draw terrific battle scenes. Tom actually had in his pocket a piece of paper with a few notes scribbled on it which outlined a story which was incredibly similar to mine.

Tom is much more technically and mechanically minded than I am, and he knows the proper terminology and history of a wide range of technological inventions, especially those of Nicholas Tesla, who, among other things, created the Tesla coil, a powerful electricity conductor. In fact Tom has created an imaginary Tesla grandson for the story who is keeping alive the old man’s legacy.

While we talking at that first meeting, Tom suggested that the Vietnam War would be a good war zone to base the start of the story in, and then we just talked around a lot of ideas into the wee hours of the morning. I didn’t really expect much to come of the conversation in the sober light of day, and we parted with the usual intentions to stay in touch. However, a couple of days after I got back to Scotland a synopsis turned up from Tom about the story we’d discussed, which got me very excited. So I started ‘phoning him and roughed out some initial drawings, and things just went on from there.


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