Review by Anthony Esmond on Downthetubes.net ~

“This is the sort of story that I find I can’t look away from and ties my stomach in a knot waiting for the next panel. Ever since Dorothy finds herself in the Land of Oz or John Carter falls onto the planet Mars I have been shouting ‘STAY THERE!!! DON’T COME HOME!!!’ Places so different and exotic that the protagonist shouldn’t even consider returning home. Yet it is home they search for, over and over again.

“The Light and Darkness War uses these thoughts and spins them on you. They are used to counterpoint the horrors of war that are as relevant today as they were in the Atomic War fearing 1980s. We see the reality of PTSD on soldiers returning home. Lazarus himself is a bitter, tormented, short-tempered man. His spirit and heart are broken, his dignity taken from him. He dreams of his old friends, lost to him, to a place he wishes he had been taken….”


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